Extended Height 1130mm
Folded Height 180mm
Width 840mm
Length 1339mm
Weight 13.7kg
Ratio 1.1
Drive Poly-V Belt Drive
Computer Speed, time, distance and calories burned
Body Construction T6061 Alloy & 4.5mmCarbon Fibre
Colour Black/Satin Black or Carbon Fibre

Designer and Owner of YouBike™: Clem Thorn from Dezign Imagineering
Wellington, New Zealand.

History of YouBike™: Click on the History Page link above.

About YouBike™: The YouBike™ is the worlds first cardiovascular exercise bike which has a dual use which can be used on the bed or in a wheelchair. The hand cranks are connected to the foot cracks via an internal belt which enables your arms to exercise your legs in a cycle manner.

The YouBike™ was designed to help with the rehabilitation of spinal injury patients, paraplegic patients, stoke patients and the elderly. The YouBike™ gives a great workout for the patients legs and upper body at the same time.

The YouBike™ is made mainly from aluminium, including the internal components, which enables the YouBike™ to be lightweight and strong. It is light enough for a person in a wheelchair or an adult to carry.

Setting up your YouBike™: The YouBike™ is easy to setup quickly, straight from the box. All you have to do is place it on the floor or the bed, adjust the height and strap yourself in.

Bed mounted: The YouBike™ has two straps, one is strapped to the YouBike™ and is also strapped to the bed and the second strap is secured to the user.

Wheelchair use: The YouBike™ is easy to setup by adjusting the height and attaching the strap to the user which is secured to the YouBike™.

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